What does she want?

Over a century ago, Sigmund Freud asked the classic question, “What does a woman want?”

In the decades between, many wise people have attempted answers. But until now, no one has cracked the code.

In this exclusive 49-minute recording (originally created for Sexual Mastery Inner Circle members), my good friend and colleague Robyn Thoren Smith and I reveal the definitive answer to this challenging question.

Get a leg up on the competition. Find out what women REALLY want — and then give it to them.

Siggy would be proud of you!

Here’s the link:

What Do Women REALLY Want?
(Click to download; right-click to play in browser window.)

Your ally in sexual fulfillment,


PS: I couldn’t resist the theatrical tone. (Too bad I couldn’t add a dramatic music score behind it.) But I know you’ll enjoy this informative and entertaining audio. Robyn and I discuss how important it is to contact YOUR desire and focus on YOUR presence with her BEFORE you give her what she wants. Very important stuff.

PPS: Robyn is an awesome men’s coach — I can’t recommend her highly enough. Contact Robyn here.