Turn her on with your voice

elvis singing to a crowd of admirers
Picture a rock star on stage. Have you ever noticed how women cry, scream, and appear to have an orgasm just from watching them? That’s because women are wired to respond to genuine passion in a man’s voice.
When your voice is infused with emotion, turn-on, sexuality, fire and electricity, that goes straight to her core. It electrifies her whole body.
How do you use this to turn up the heat on your sex life?

Passion and Attraction Are Contagious

If you want to ignite her with your passion, you need to start by connecting with your own passion. You need to feel that passion in yourself first, before she’ll hear it in your voice. Start to pay attention to the way your woman turns you on. Look at her butt, her breasts, her body, her face. Appreciate the way she turns you on. Let yourself fully experience and enjoy those physical sensations.
The more you pay attention to your own attraction, passion and arousal, the more you’ll feel those sensations.

Firing Her Up With Your Passion

Now express that passion with your voice. Look at her and express appreciation for what you’re seeing. 
Comment on how she dresses and adorns herself. Comment on her nail polish, or how her makeup is just perfect, or how her jewelry is just right with what she is wearing. Maybe it’s part of her unique style, or it brings out something about her personality. Mention how it makes her more sexy or feminine, or exactly how it pleases you.
  • “Oh, wow. That sweater looks great with your eyes.”
  • “I love the cut of that dress, it totally shows off your breasts and your waist.” 
  • “Excuse me, but that whole boot/legging/short skirt combination is killing me over here. You are quite the package!”
You might have heard me say this before, but foreplay, for a woman, is an all-day affair. If you’re giving her perceptive, loving compliments several times a day, by the time you’re climbing into bed, she’s feeling great about herself. She’s feeling sexually turned on and expressive.

A More Structured Formula?

For guys who want more of a formula, here’s a simple structure you can practice:
“When I see you in that_______, I feel_______ and it makes me want to ________ .”
  • “When I see you in that sweater I feel hot and it makes me want to tear it off you.”
  •  “When I see you in that skirt I feel turned on and it makes me want to drag you back into bed.”
Remember that you’re just expressing your desire here. It’s not her job to fulfill it!
Back when I was clueless around women, there were a couple of times when they would undress down to some really beautiful lingerie and I wouldn’t say anything. I was still too caught up in my own world, wondering if or when we were going to have sex. The women would either get huffy, pout, or roll their eyes — or all three combined! It took me some time before I realized how much care and consideration women put into their appearance, and how important it is to them. 
These women had spent hours in the lingerie department trying on different panties and bras to find just the right colors and style and fit, but I was so preoccupied with myself at the time that I didn’t even notice.
So I recommend that the next time a woman gives you a private fashion show, take a moment or two to really take it in, and tell her what you’re experiencing. “Oh my god… look at you. I love this.” Words like that, delivered with authenticity, can make a woman’s night — or year.

The Upward Spiral

Here’s the good news. Once you’ve appreciated her to the point where she feels full and nourished and beaming with radiance, you can then share with her what would thrill you to see in bed. You can share more with her about what turns you on visually. If you’ve done a good job appreciating her, there’s a good chance she’ll be happy to fulfill your desires. Maybe that means asking her to wear pigtails, or to wear certain underwear or stockings, or to put on makeup in a particularly slutty way.
If she does those things, and you once again appreciate her for doing so, then your relationship will become an upward spiral of erotic satisfaction.
And that, my friends, is a good thing.