T.E., London, England

Participating in the Multi-Orgasmic Lover program has produced surprising and far-reaching effects in my life. During the training I noticed I became more permeable, more in contact with the world around me, and more open. Since the program, it seems much easier for me to attract potential sexual partners. A worthwhile investment.

Garrison Cohen, Partner, Evoka Media

I thought I knew what sex was, until this program came along! After a few weeks of applying the Multi-Orgasmic Lover practices, I could feel my body starting to glow and vibrate, and it became a sustained level of high energy in my body throughout the day. I now realize that there’s much more here than I thought.

R.S., Boston, MA

I gained a tremendous amount of confidence in my sexual experience as a result of this training. I now carry the certainty that I am fully responsible for my sexual pleasure, which has opened up my relationship with my partner. Thank you for this course, Jim.

Michael Hagerty, professor, UC Davis

The Multi-Orgasmic Lover is a real breakthrough in applying ancient tantric wisdom to increase men’s sensual pleasure — and by extension, women’s. I have literally doubled my own pleasure during this course, with further increases as I continued to apply the skills I learned in the program.

Charles Bookoff, M.D.

After completing Jim’s training — at the age of 63 — I had an incredible full-body orgasm with my partner. We are both thrilled, and are looking forward to more!  Thank you, Jim, for your guidance and inspiration. Your presence helps me feel and act like the vessel of love I want to be.