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Sex and Relationship programs and coaching for womenIt’s true that I’ve focused most of my work and research on men’s sexuality and evolution. But as a brother to four sisters and a teacher of Tantra to couples, I’ve been gifted with a number of open windows into the female experience. This history, combined with what I’ve learned from working with men in relationships with women, has led me to become increasingly attuned to the challenges women face in sex and intimacy. Honestly, ladies, I have a lot of empathy for what you have to deal with!

As a man who loves women, and wants to support them in expanding their capacities for great sex, true intimacy, and satisfying relationships, I offer the MultiOrgasmic Lover program and one-on-one coaching.

MultiOrgasmic Lover: for Women

Over the years, I have been asked by a number of women if they could participate in the courses I’ve designed for men. Typically, their stated reason for joining was that they wanted to learn more about men’s sexual experience. After a period of uncertainty about opening the doors to both genders, I have arrived at the opinion that the more women who come into contact with conscious sexual practices and learn about the male side of the experience, the better off we all are.

I’ve received two main pieces of feedback from the women who have experienced my online programs:

1. They gained insight, compassion, and curiosity into the male sexual experience. This in turn made them more willing to explore and try new things, more able to express kindness toward their male partners when issues arose in the bedroom, and more aware of the challenges men can face in fully connecting their hearts with their sexuality.

2. They used many of the principles to understand their own sexual energy. Sex energy is universal, and while the differences between genders exist, the MultiOrgasmic Lover program is applicable to the ways this energy is accessed and harnessed in every body.

I invite any woman with an earnest desire to learn more about sexual energy to participate in the MultiOrgasmic Lover Training. I would be thrilled to have you join.

Testimonial from a MultiOrgasmic Lover Participant:

“Jim’s Multi-Orgasmic Lover Training for Men deserves a parenthetical “and women, too.” I originally signed up for the program to learn more about men and find compassion for their struggles in the bedroom. Indeed, I learned about the shame that many men experience around their sexual “performance” in a way that will make me more sensitive and attuned to this with future lovers.  

“That said, I gained even more by jumping into the program as an equal participant. I was touched by Jim’s invitation to men and women alike to slow down and relax not just into sex, but into our lives as a whole. While the focus is on sex, the training is really about a way of life which says that we matter, and that the key is to slow down, love, and pleasure ourselves both sexually and non-sexually as an everyday practice. 

“Jim is a master at what he does. He teaches a challenging subject in a way that is humble, gentle, funny and accessible. The sex exercises he teaches for men worked wonders for me, too, as a woman. I find myself practicing them every chance I get, opening up new (and yummy) channels in my body.”
—Marina S., JD, Berkeley, CA


Coaching for Women

I offer one-on-one coaching for women who wish to work on areas of relationship concerns, cultivating a deeper understanding masculine and feminine sexuality, and expanding into the wild and gorgeous territory of the feminine while living in a predominantly masculine world.

Sex and Relationship coaching for women

For obvious reasons, many women may prefer to work with another woman on these issues. But for women who wish to engage a man directly with this kind of  vulnerable material, I provide a compassionate and truthful masculine perspective.

Women I’ve coached have said they experience me like a caring big brother, and that the presence of an encouraging and supportive man in their lives aids them in accessing new ways of being — at work, at home, with their partners, with family, and most importantly, with themselves.

I am both humbled by and grateful to the women who have trusted me in this capacity, and I am honored to be of service in this way.

Coaching Testimonials from Women

“I profoundly appreciate the opportunity to work with Jim and experience the mature, “awakened” masculine. He offers a deep, multi-dimensional container in our sessions, giving me space to explore the energetic, the psychological, the spiritual, and the sensual. Through his keen insight, his wonderful ability to articulate and illuminate masculine/feminine dynamics, and his sensitive coaching, I have been able to reveal more of my feminine nature, to see old patterns in relationship, and to experience a deeper appreciation of myself and my partners.”
Molly B., Tiburon, CA

“Jim has been a major ally for me for years. He has a high level of emotional intelligence and insight that is rare in a man. With his ability to hold a clear vision of my authentic self while he helps me navigate through emotional blocks, I am able to get back on track much easier than I can on my own. I have come to completely trust his intuitive sense. His clear communication and wonderful sense of humor makes our sessions both insightful and enjoyable.”
—Malaya R., MA, Happy Camp, CA

“As a woman who has worked one-on-one with Jim, I can testify without reservation that Jim is absolutely respectful and honoring of me as a woman, yet at the same time able to facilitate me showing up as my full feminine self in all its amazing facets. I have found all my contact with Jim to be nurturing, enlightening, soul-awakening and ultimately satisfying.”
—Olivia F., MA, ABS, Vancouver, BC

NOTE: As more and more of my time is devoted to creating programs and materials for a broader audience, my availability for one-on-one coaching is relatively limited. If you are serious about making changes in your erotic life and the quality of your relationships, click the button below to set up a free 30-minute Sexual Satisfaction Session with me.

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