Sex and Relationship Coaching

She's interested, but I'm terrified!

Because of my own humbling sexual experiences, I’ve dedicated my life to helping men realize down-to-earth, reality-based results in the bedroom.

I come to sex coaching by an honest road — strict Catholic family, a repressed boyhood wrought with sexual shame, agonizing late-blooming, and a good deal of confusion about the power of my sexuality as an adult. Let’s just say I’ve had a lot to work with!

I am not in this business to sell gimmicks or tricks, nor am I in it to simply sell sex. I am in this business because I know how to teach men to achieve more confidence, experience more pleasure, and have more fun as sexual animals.

I’m also in this because I’ve come to know that sex is a transformative act, and how you go about it can catalyze change at a systemic level. Change the way you have sex, and you can change the way you live your life.

I also come to relationship coaching honestly: I’ve experimented with relationships of all shapes and sizes, including long-term monogamy, polyamory (both healthy and unhealthy versions), and marriage. To me, there is no “one size fits all” form for relationship, and I support my clients in exploring their needs, assumptions and blocks toward 1) forging true intimate connection, 2) becoming the kind of partner they want to be, and 3) creating satisfying intimate relationships.

My coaching approach is a blend of teachings and perspectives tailored to meet the unique requests and needs of each client. I offer:

  • Technical skill. I provide a very specific map that shows you how to become the master of your own orgasm.
  • Compassion. Sexual shame and wounding is nearly universal, and I have great respect for the willingness to unravel its roots.
  • Sexual healing. Sex energy has the inherent potential to wake up your entire life force. Conscious sexual practices are powerful and sacred tools to be held with reverence and gratitude.
  • Humor and lightness. I lean towards the zany & ridiculous. If I can’t help you find humor in this crazy world of sexuality and relationships, we’re taking the whole thing too damn seriously.

My mission is to increase the number of healthy sexual autonomous men on the planet. These days, more and more of my time is devoted to creating programs and materials designed to do just that. As a result, my availability for one-on-one coaching is relatively limited.

If you are truly serious about making positive changes in your erotic health and bringing more integrity to your relationships, click the button below for a free 30-minute Sexual Satisfaction Session with me.

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“I’m a world-class headhunter and am a professional at recognizing and evaluating human potential: heart, talent, skill and experience. Jim is my top candidate as a sexuality and intimacy coach. He is a full-spectrum man who has helped me and at least seven other powerful men I know personally. Jim is awake, spiritual, compassionate, and gentle while simultaneously being powerful, male, connected to his body, in relationship, and fully in the world. Our one-on-one coaching sessions have formed the pillars of the temple of the realization of my deepest desires.”
—Eric Schneider, executive recruiter

My sessions with Jim Benson completely changed my life. Before meeting Jim I suffered from premature ejaculation and had no confidence in the bedroom. I was terrified of physical intimacy. After escaping a toxic marriage I sought Jim’s help. Six months later, not only do I love sex with my current partner but I also completely satisfy her. I’m much more confident, relaxed and present in the bedroom. Jim not only taught me practical exercises to help, but he also acted as a mentor to me during my transition into single life. Do yourself a favor and work with Jim!”
—Travis D., Oakland, CA

Jim took me to places that had never occurred to me. Those places taught me to explore new and exciting vistas, to be more of a man, and to become more aware of my sexual power in every situation – not just in sex. It doesn’t stop with multiple orgasms – it keeps going. There is a permanent difference in every sexual encounter I have because of Jim’s teaching.
—Ephraim Mallery, coach and consultant

“Working with Jim is like having a powerful spirit guide who is intensely on my side and cares deeply about all of me. Our sessions are always profound and fun, and at the end I always feel that my divine soul is closer to the surface. After working with Jim for less than a year, my relationship with my wife is evolving into a depth of love that I always hoped was possible, but never knew how to manifest.”
—Philip Heller, author, consultant

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