My Marin County Men’s Group

My Marin County men's group hiking in Tennessee Valley

If you’re a guy and you’re not already in a deep, ongoing men’s group, you’re missing out. Especially if you get most of your reflections from the women in your life. There’s nothing that can replace the feedback and challenge you get from a group of no-bullshit guys.

The men’s group that I particpate in (as opposed to the ones that I am paid to lead) has been meeting regularly since 2001. We’ve added and subtracted members over the years; the current group of 8 guys (7 of us are pictured here, overlooking San Francisco Bay) has been meeting since 2003. 4 of us have played the role of leader over the years, and we’re currently a “leader-full” group (different from a “leader-less” group), because at any moment, any one of us has license to lead. We started the group using a David Deida-based curriculum, and have since been shaped by the wisdom of Deida’s teacher Mykonos, as well as Ken Wilbur and his Integral model and The Diamond Approach.

Each of the men in this group is a leader in his own realm (healing, integral coaching, men’s workshops, etc.) and a true spiritual heavyweight. The collective wisdom and power of this group is a wonder to behold. I’ve often walked out at the end of our meetings shaking my head in disbelief. I’ve never experienced anything like it.

The depth of this group has inspired me to create and lead an ongoing Awakened Masculine men’s group in San Rafael. Until the last few years, my Awakened Masculine men’s programs gathered guys for a maximum of three months. My current ongoing group is approaching it’s 4th year. And we’re beginning to touch on some of the depth that I’ve experienced in my original Marin men’s group.