Making a Pleasure List

Man receiving an item from his Pleasure List!

The Pleasure List. Learning to give to yourself first is an essential component to recovering your “pleasure body” and creating new neural pathways of good sensation. As a way of supporting that recovery, I want to encourage you, right now, to create a “Pleasure List” that includes activities you can do that give you a sense of joy or renewal. These activities can cost money or not, and can be enjoyed solo or with another. Here are a few examples from my personal list:

  • Take a hot tub
  • Sitting meditation
  • Self-pleasuring
  • Walk in nature
  • Bounce on trampoline
  • Receive a massage
  • Dance to music (solo or with others)
  • Sex with my wife
  • Buy flowers and arrange them
  • Play frisbee on the beach
  • Visit a hot springs for a minimum of 2 days

Make this a long list for yourself, and keep adding to it over time. Post it in a noticeable location — or even make it as a wallpaper for your phone, tablet or computer. Then do one thing from your Pleasure List every day, and even two or three, if you can. Regularly working with your Pleasure List is a great way to make the process of giving to yourself more conscious.