Kiss her like there’s no tomorrow

Kiss from "The Notebook"

Think about the last time you kissed a woman on the lips. (Or a guy, if you’re gay or a straight woman.)

I’m not talking about a friendly kiss — like a “peck” on the mouth — but a kiss of some length.

Maybe it was with your wife, your girlfriend, or a girl you hooked up with. Doesn’t matter. Just try and remember the kiss itself. 

If you can’t remember it in vivid detail, I have a challenge for you. I want to encourage you to be fully present the next time you kiss.

What does that mean, “fully present”? That means all of your attention is on the kiss itself. That your mind and your body — in this case, your lips — are in the same place at the same time.

And that, as much as possible, you are relaxing your strategic, or anxious, or thought-filled mind. 

Place the focus of your attention on the lip-to-lip contact. On the movements of your mouth and hers. And the sensation of the contact. For the length of this kiss, let nothing else in the world exist. Only the contact of your mouth and hers. Nothing more.

Keep your attention there, on your lips and hers, with laser focus, until the kiss ends. Then look at her.

I’m betting that you’ll remember this kiss longer than you remembered your last one. And chances are, so will your woman.

Try it and see for yourself.