Dave Chappelle goes off!

Watch Dave Chappelle ROCK the premature ejaculator label!

There’s a lot to enjoy in this clip, but one of the things I love the most is Dave’s lack of shame about ejaculating early:

“If I come, man, it was right on time.”

Dave gets laughs on this line because men are not supposed to ejaculate early, yet he’s completely owning and celebrating it. He even dares to compare himself to an Olympic athlete! I love it.

Since I’m regularly helping guys last as long as they want to in bed, I can tell you that nearly every man I coach does not think of himself as an Olympic athlete when he ejaculates early. To those guys: Consider taking a page from Dave Chappelle’s book.

How about celebrating some of your ejaculations with a “Woo hoo!” or a “Yeah, baby!”? Sounds crazy, right? Are you afraid of the response you might get from your partner, or perhaps your Inner Critic?

As teenagers, nearly all of us learned to ejaculate as quickly and quietly as possible so we wouldn’t get caught. Repeated hundreds of times, that swiftness and silence takes a toll. Throw in one part sex-phobic, puritanical social norms, one part parental disapproval, and one part peer comparison, stir, and you’ve got a stiff drink called Toxic Sexual Shame. It’s an epidemic among men in our society.

You can take my MultiOrgasmic Lover training if you want to make progress in healing your own Toxic Sexual Shame.

But if you don’t want yet another self-improvement program, just howl like a wolf during your next orgasm. And then notice if any shame arises.

When you can really own your sexual pleasure — regardless of the timing of your orgasm — then you’ve come a long way towards becoming a sexually integrated man.