It’s time for some squirrel sex!

two squirrels (not having sex)

Yep. That’s right. I’m suggesting that you have sex LIKE a squirrel. Not WITH a squirrel. That’s a post for another time 😉 OK, OK, I’ll explain. Yesterday I was watching two squirrels play in the redwood grove in my backyard. I know they were playing because it wasn’t the usual macho, fight-to-the-death intensity that two males […]


Say the One Thing to “Shock her into Love”

Woman talking, Man listening

You know those times when the woman you’re with is talking about something that she doesn’t really care about, and you’re only half-listening, because you know she doesn’t care? What do you do when that’s happening? Do you just keep pretending to listen, hoping that her monologue doesn’t last too long, and try to say “Mmm hmm” […]


Dave Chappelle goes off!

Watch Dave Chappelle ROCK the premature ejaculator label! There’s a lot to enjoy in this clip, but one of the things I love the most is Dave’s lack of shame about ejaculating early: “If I come, man, it was right on time.” Dave gets laughs on this line because men are not supposed to ejaculate early, yet he’s […]


Kiss her like there’s no tomorrow

Kiss from "The Notebook"

Think about the last time you kissed a woman on the lips. (Or a guy, if you’re gay or a straight woman.) I’m not talking about a friendly kiss — like a “peck” on the mouth — but a kiss of some length. Maybe it was with your wife, your girlfriend, or a girl you hooked […]


Your porn habit and the film “Don Jon”

Still photo from the film Don Jon

Watching the movie Don Jon stirred up a lot for me. Have you seen it? If not — and if you’re interested in seeing a well-done portrayal of how of internet porn affects young men these days — I recommend you watch it right away. The movie is about a good-looking guy in his 20s who dates plenty of […]