Trigger Her Orgasm During Penetration

Trigger Her Orgasm During Penetration

I want to tell you how to trigger your woman’s orgasms by having your own non-ejaculatory orgasm while you’re inside her. This is also known as Giving Her Penetration Orgasms.

Many folks believe that this is the Holy Grail of Sex. That it doesn’t get any better than this. It’s a pretty awesome experience if you’ve never had it.

It’s the kind of sex that will have your woman become incredibly devoted to you. Why would she consider being with anyone else if you’re providing her with this amazing experience of dissolving into bliss together? The answer is… she wouldn’t.

In order for this outrageously delicious experience to occur, you need to become skilled with the ME Breath — the central component of the MultiOrgasmic Lover program.

(And just to review, for you guys who have the program already, the ME Breath combines the PC Pump, Pelvic Rocking, and Sexual Breathing to train you to move sexual energy throughout your body.)

As you become more and more comfortable with the ME Breath, you’ll last longer and longer. Lasting as long as both of you want is important, since most women will need 15, 20, even 30 minutes of penetration to achieve an orgasm.

OK, once you’ve got the ME Breath down pat, let me paint a picture of how this all works so that you and your woman can experience multiple orgasms. Because a lot of people talk about “merging” and “transcendent sex,” but no one tells you exactly how that happens. (There are actually many ways to have that happen, but I’m going to give you a particular example right now.)

Biting her lip during penetration orgasmSo here’s the scene. If you can, put yourself in it, OK? You’re having sex with your partner. You’re thrusting in and out of her, and it’s feeling great for both of you. You’re about 10 minutes in, you’re finding a rhythm, the pleasure is increasing, and you’re starting to really feel in sync.

You get close to ejaculating so you apply the ME Breath, drawing the sexual energy from your genitals up to the rest of your body. You immediately begin having a non-ejaculatory orgasm. Guys who are more skilled might continue thrusting during this orgasm, and guys who are just learning will probably need to slow down — because, quite honestly, it’s intensely pleasurable. Either way, however, you lose very little of your hardness. Why? Because you haven’t ejaculated!

Now let’s switch over to your woman’s experience. Your orgasm has triggered a lot of pleasure in her body. Imagine that you’re both tuning forks held close to each other. You have been struck — DING! — and you’re vibrating. She’s right next to you so she will start vibrating, too. So if she doesn’t orgasm with you at that moment, she’ll get pretty damn close. It’s incredibly exciting for her to feel you orgasm but also stay hard inside of her and continue to thrust.

Remember, this is the point where, in the past, you would have ejaculated and the sex would be over by now. Her experience, if she didn’t have an orgasm before yours or simultaneous with yours, would probably be disappointment — even though she might not say that to you directly.

Instead of being finished and leaving her high and dry, surprise! You continue to thrust deeply in her, and both of you rise to the next level of pleasure. You’re building to your second orgasm, and if she’s not coming now, she definitely will by the time you hit Peak #2.

When the second peak hits — that’s your second non-ejaculatory orgasm — it’s as if your tuning fork gets struck twice as hard as before: DING!!! Now both of you are just going crazy with pleasure.  

Check out the Awakened Masculine Boot Camp Weekend!Can you see where this is going? It just keeps getting better and better. More and more pleasure. Peak after peak.

What’s starting to happen experientially at this point is that you stop being two separate people doing things to each other, and the two of you start to blend into each other. This kind of ecstatic merging can only happen after you’ve been penetrating her long enough.

The only thing stopping the two of you at this point is fatigue, or hunger, or thirst. You can choose to ejaculate at the end, if you still want to, but many guys who take their woman on this ride choose not to.

So you decide to stop, let’s say, without ejaculating. You’re still hard inside of her. Maybe you’ve been at it for 50 minutes or an hour.

You lie there together, breathing together, with your hearts still pounding. You, yourself, are feeling potent, alive, connected with her, and very deeply satisfied. She’s feeling incredibly blissful and satisfied as well. She’s also probably thanking her lucky stars that she’s got this guy, this one-in-ten-thousand guy, who can provide her with such an amazingly pleasurable experience that she can’t get any other way.

So that’s what it’s like to give your woman penetration orgasms by having your own non-ejaculatory orgasms. 

Damn, that was pretty exciting just talking about it. I’m glad I reminded myself about how good it can be!

If you’re currently working with the MultiOrgasmic Lover training, I hope this description inspires you to dedicate yourself more fully to the program. And if you don’t yet have MOL, may you be inspired to take action and invest in the program that will take your love life to the next level.